Reducing Interceptions: Dak Prescott’s Path to Success in 2023


Dak Prescott, the franchise quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, faced significant challenges with ball security during the 2022 NFL season. Despite missing five games due to a thumb injury, he led the league in interceptions, and his two-pick performance in the playoff loss to San Francisco raised concerns about his ability to protect the football. However, as he enters his eighth season as the starting quarterback, Prescott remains confident in cutting down on interceptions and leading the Cowboys to success in 2023.

1. Prescott’s Ball Security Woes in 2022

Prescott’s 2022 season was marred by a higher-than-usual number of interceptions, causing the Cowboys to stumble in crucial moments. He acknowledges that some turnovers were due to bad luck, and he firmly believes that if certain drops and tips were eliminated, the narrative surrounding his performance would change drastically.

Reducing Interceptions: Dak Prescott's Path to Success in 2023 NFL

2. Supportive Cast: Key to Prescott’s Success

The Cowboys’ management recognized the importance of bolstering Prescott’s supporting cast. For the upcoming season, the team made significant changes, acquiring Brandin Cooks and having a fully healthy Michael Gallup to provide Prescott with more reliable targets in the passing game. Additionally, head coach Mike McCarthy’s return to play-calling duties aims to create a better offensive environment that helps Prescott thrive.

3. Confidence in Offensive Improvements

Prescott exudes confidence in the Cowboys’ offense and its ability to overcome past challenges. He believes that improved chemistry and understanding between him and his receivers, combined with the coaching staff’s contributions, will lead to a significant reduction in interceptions and elevate the team’s overall performance.

4. Pressure for a Super Bowl Run

With a strong offensive lineup and the leadership of Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys are expected to face immense pressure to make a Super Bowl run in the 2023 season. As one of the most visible and polarizing teams in professional football, the expectations on Prescott’s shoulders are higher than ever.


Dak Prescott is determined to bounce back in the 2023 season by reducing interceptions and leading the Dallas Cowboys to Super Bowl glory. The team’s efforts to enhance his supporting cast and McCarthy’s involvement in play-calling provide reasons for optimism. While the pressure is undoubtedly immense, Prescott’s confidence and determination make him a force to be reckoned with on the field.



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