Unleashing the Lockdown: The Dallas Cowboys’ Secondary Makes a Compelling Case


When it comes to evaluating the best secondaries in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys might not be the first team that comes to mind. However, a closer look reveals that America’s Team has quietly been assembling an impressive defensive backfield. With a strong roster of talented players, a history of success, and notable statistical achievements, the Cowboys’ secondary makes a compelling case for being the NFL’s best. Let’s delve into the various aspects that contribute to their argument.

A Historical Perspective: Cowboys’ Secondary Through the Years

The Dallas Cowboys have a storied history in the NFL, and their secondary has played a crucial role in their success over the decades. From legends like Mel Renfro and Everson Walls to more recent stars such as Deion Sanders and Darren Woodson, the Cowboys have consistently fielded standout defensive backs. This legacy contributes to their reputation and strengthens their case for having the league’s best secondary.

Unleashing the Lockdown: The Dallas Cowboys' Secondary Makes a Compelling Case NFL

Building Blocks: Key Players and Acquisitions

A great secondary is built on the foundation of talented individuals, and the Cowboys have invested wisely in their defensive backfield. The team boasts a formidable cornerback duo in Trevon Diggs and Anthony Brown. Diggs, a breakout star in the 2021 season, showcased his playmaking abilities with numerous interceptions and impressive coverage skills. Brown, a reliable veteran, provides stability and experience to the unit.

In addition to their talented cornerbacks, the Cowboys have also made impactful acquisitions at safety. The signing of free agent Keanu Neal adds a physical presence and versatility to the secondary, while Donovan Wilson has shown promise with his hard-hitting style of play. These key players, along with others on the roster, form a cohesive unit that complements each other’s strengths and enhances the overall effectiveness of the secondary.

Statistical Dominance: Metrics that Support the Claim

Numbers often speak louder than words, and when it comes to evaluating the best secondary in the NFL, statistical achievements play a significant role. The Cowboys’ defensive backs have excelled in several key metrics, highlighting their effectiveness in pass coverage.

In the 2021 season, the Cowboys’ secondary tallied an impressive 20 interceptions, tied for the most in the league. Trevon Diggs, with his exceptional ball skills and awareness, led the charge with 11 interceptions, cementing his status as one of the premier cornerbacks in the NFL.

Furthermore, the Cowboys ranked among the top teams in pass defense, allowing the third-lowest completion percentage to opposing quarterbacks. This success can be attributed to the collective efforts of the secondary, demonstrating their ability to limit big plays and make life difficult for opposing passers.

Locking It Down: Stellar Performances and Highlight Reels

Beyond the numbers, the Cowboys’ secondary has showcased their talent and skill through numerous standout performances. Trevon Diggs’ exceptional rookie season, where he emerged as a ball hawk, stands out as a testament to the secondary’s capabilities. His multiple interception games and ability to shut down top wide receivers have garnered national attention and elevated the perception of the Cowboys’ defensive backfield.

Additionally, the secondary has produced highlight-reel plays, including game-changing interceptions and crucial pass breakups. These impactful moments not only swing the momentum in favor of the Cowboys but also demonstrate the playmaking ability and resilience of the defensive backs.

Future Outlook: Sustaining Excellence in the Secondary

As the Cowboys look to sustain their success in the secondary, they must continue to invest in player development, strategic acquisitions, and scheme optimization. Maintaining a strong defensive backfield requires consistent effort and attention to detail.

With the core of their secondary still in their prime years and young talents like Trevon Diggs poised for further growth, the future looks bright for the Cowboys’ secondary. If they can continue to perform at a high level and build upon their current success, they have a real chance of solidifying their claim as the NFL’s best.


While debates about the NFL’s best secondary may involve perennial contenders like the New England Patriots or the Baltimore Ravens, the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive backfield has quietly emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Their historical pedigree, talented players, statistical dominance, and standout performances all contribute to their compelling case for being considered the best in the league. As they aim to sustain their excellence and build upon their success, the Cowboys’ secondary is undoubtedly a force that should not be overlooked.

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