Unlocking Justin Fields’ Potential: A Blueprint for the Chicago Bears

1. The Green Bay Model of Success

The Green Bay Packers have mastered the art of quarterback succession. Their strategy is clear: draft a promising quarterback while the current one is still active, let the rookie learn from the sidelines, and then hand over the reins after a few seasons. This approach allowed Jordan Love to deeply understand the Packers’ offensive system and learn from one of the best, Aaron Rodgers. When Love’s time came, the Packers ensured he had a strong offensive line, a reliable backfield, and a talented defense to support him.

2. The Importance of Tailored Playcalling

Matt LaFleur, the Packers’ head coach, has been instrumental in Love’s development. By opening up the playbook and customizing it to suit Love’s strengths, LaFleur has created an environment where the young quarterback can thrive. This involves using motion to confuse defenses and maintaining a balanced offense.

Unlocking Justin Fields' Potential: A Blueprint for the Chicago Bears NFL

3. Fields’ Rocky Start in Chicago

Contrastingly, Justin Fields’ journey with the Chicago Bears has been less than ideal. Despite showing promise, Fields was thrust into the starting role early in his rookie season. The subsequent coaching changes and system overhauls have not been conducive to his development. The offense, under Luke Getsy, failed to capitalize on Fields’ strengths, particularly his ability to run.

4. The Need for a System Overhaul

For Fields to succeed, the Bears must rethink their offensive strategy. The current system does not play to Fields’ strengths as a dual-threat quarterback. Instead of confining him to the pocket, the Bears should incorporate more designed runs and play-action passes. This would not only utilize Fields’ running ability but also give his receivers more time to get open.

5. The Road Ahead for Fields and the Bears

The Bears have the potential to turn things around. By drawing inspiration from teams like the Baltimore Ravens, who built their offense around Lamar Jackson’s unique skill set, the Bears can create a system where Fields can flourish. This involves getting creative with play designs, incorporating RPOs (Run-Pass Options), and perhaps bringing in a big-bodied receiver who can win contested catches downfield.


  • Q: Why has Justin Fields struggled with the Bears?
    • A: Fields has faced challenges due to early exposure to the starting role, coaching changes, and an offensive system that doesn’t play to his strengths.
  • Q: How have the Packers succeeded with Jordan Love?
    • A: The Packers allowed Love to learn from Aaron Rodgers, provided him with a strong support system, and tailored their offense to his strengths.
  • Q: What changes can benefit Fields in Chicago?
    • A: The Bears should incorporate more designed runs for Fields, use play-action effectively, and possibly bring in receivers who complement his playing style.
  • Q: How has Matt LaFleur contributed to Love’s success?
    • A: LaFleur has opened up the playbook and customized it to suit Love’s strengths, creating a conducive environment for his development.
  • Q: Can Fields succeed with the current Bears’ system?
    • A: For Fields to truly succeed, the Bears may need to overhaul their offensive system to better suit his unique skill set.


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